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Therefore repent and return, so that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord … Acts 3:19

Our Mission – Igniting movements of authentic Christianity.


Gregg and Patti met at Baylor University and were married in 1981. They have three grown children, all of which are married. Gregg and Patti had the privilege of growing up in Christian homes. Gregg was called to preach when he was 16. He pastored four churches – First Baptist Prue OK, First Baptist Skiatook OK, First Baptist Borger TX and Church at the Cross in Grapevine TX (formerly Memorial Baptist Church) before joining Life Action Ministries. Along with being a committed wife and mother, Patti has worked with children, youth and women in our churches.

Gregg’s passion for personal and national revival began back in the late 1970’s under the influence of the preaching of revivalist Leonard Ravenhill and the music ministry of Keith Green. His relationship with Life Action began in the early 1990’s when he hosted his first summit. As a pastor he hosted three more Life Action events in the churches he served. In 2008 he began speaking part-time for Life Action as a staff revivalist. In 2013 he accepted the invitation to come on full time with Life Action as a traveling revivalist.  He and Patti travel across the country leading revival conferences in local churches.


Gregg’s Heart

 “As a local church pastor serving in the trenches for the last thirty years I know firsthand the challenges that God’s people face living in a culture that is increasingly hostile to our faith. I have grieved with too many church members over broken marriages and fractured family relationships. Sadly, I have watched the church in America gradually lose its witness and distinctiveness, looking more and more like the unbelieving world.  Having hosted several Life Action Summits as a pastor, I watched God do incredible things in the lives of His people as they responded to the life-changing messages on forgiveness, personal holiness and grace. I am very excited about the opportunity to share the life transforming message of revival across the country.

GP-10Patti’s Heart

“I marveled at how powerfully God ministered in my own heart through the tool of Life Action Ministry Summits as well as in the hearts of my husband and my children.  We were each broken in areas of our lives during those times. God revived us in our personal walk with Him, our marriage, and our family relationships.  Even at a young age my children were taught Biblical principles and practical applications that have had a lifelong impact on choices they have made in their lives.  Gregg and I were better marriage partners, parents, and church members because of the changes that God began during those Summits. Since the first Life Action Summit we hosted at a church more than 15 years ago we have valued the continued ministry of Life Action Ministries in our own lives and have personally felt compatible with their urgent call for revival in our nation. I feel in many ways God has been preparing Gregg and me for this ministry for a long time and we are humbled and blessed to be a part of it.”

Listen to Gregg’s farewell message to his Grapevine congregation, explaining why he and Patti felt this was the time to leave the pastorate and transition to an itinerant ministry dedicated to challenging the church in America with the life transforming message of spiritual renewal and revival.