House of my sojourning

(Patti writing this) We had a nice week with our team at Panama City for Thanksgiving and are camped here in Franklinton LA for our last summit of 2015. Hillcrest Baptist church is the name of the church here. Please pray for us to be focused as it’s easy to have our hearts turn towards home too soon.  I love meditating on this verse in my picture below  from Ps 119:54 that “His statutes have been my songs”. I hear the Lord “sing” to me His truth that has been hidden in my heart. I always want to have listening ears for His Word.

As we live in our home on wheels I count it as my “house of my sojourning” on this revival journey of ours. We are all in temporary “houses” as we journey with Him, following The songs of His statutes. After all none of us are truly home yet!