Columbia LA

Before our first conference Gregg and I went a few days early to go down to New Orleans to see Jeremy and Brittany. Jeremy has begun working for NAMB send/relief and they are busy in ministry in their church start they attend as well.

FBC Columbia is in sleepy little town where many have lived here all their lives for generations. Our attendance grew in many areas throughout the week as others heard about the conference. We saw two people receive Christ and many others were refreshed and encouraged.

Our team is mostly new this year. 13 of the 20 were having to learn a lot of new things but they did this with enthusiasm and teachable hearts. They are a joy. People from this church were amazed at their Christlike behavior!

Thank you for your continued prayers. We have four day conferences the entire fall and all the way to February so this is a Marathon for us.

Grateful to serve

Patti and Gregg