Author: Gregg Simmons

Red team leaves Thursday

Our red team leaves Thursday from Life Action camp in Michigan for Easton, PA for our first summit of the 2016/17 travel year. We are believing God for great things! Please pray for us as Gregg and I are starting our fourth year to travel with this ministry. Below is a photo of our team members for this year.

Eldon MO Final summit

Last meeting of the year is always mixed with sadness and joy. Sadness because we say goodbye to team members that feel more like our own children than team members only. Joy because we rejoice together in our remembering of what God has done this year and we are tired and ready for a rest! 

We are leaving MO after a good summit where we heard testimonies of changed hearts.We are heading to MI to drop off our trailer before heading to TX for a couple of months.  Anticipating the birth of our next granddaughter in July and renovating our old house in Fort Worth.

FBC Porter

Goodbye to FBC Porter TX. Goodbye to Houston humidity. We are weary but we are headed to our last church for this travel year in Eldon MO. This is always a bittersweet week as we say goodbye to team members we cherish and will miss. Please pray for the red team and for the church in Eldon.

Pray for us!

We are setting up today at our second church in Reno. God was working in hearts in the first church when we left. Sunday we will begin in Rehoboth Holy Temple Church of God in Christ. This is a largely African American church and it is a very small congregation as well. Please pray for us and for this church as well as our other two teams here in Reno.

The video I’m sharing is of the church pastor we will be with following this church..

Valley view in Reno

 This is the view from our trailer in our first church of three in Reno, Valleyview Christian Fellowship. While the view is gorgeous, Reno is a dark place in need of the gospel. Please pray for us and our team as we minister here in Reno! We are definitely out of our comfort zone and in need of His strength and power. 


Finishing a thirst four day conference in Maurice (pronounced Morris) Iowa. The last night God allowed us to see much of the congregation at the altar crying out for Gods grace! 

The team is headed to a thirst conference in MS so please pray for them! Gregg and I are taking a break for this conference and headed out early to Reno NV to take some time to see some of our country on the way there. Pray for the red team to not be “weary in well doing”. Many are fighting sickness and fatigue. But we have no complaints only thanks! 


Mineral Wells TX

  Our second meeting in three years at this church Indian Creek Baptist in Mineral Wells TX. God is always faithful and never stops working in us to change us to be like Jesus! Next stop is a 4 day conference in Ball LA. Please pray for us!