Savannah GA

Leaving early from Calvary Temple to head out to AL to a camp ground for a few days of rest before our next meeting in Savannah TN.

Our team was so tired but did such a wonderful job and we all left amazed at what we saw God do here.

Fulshear TX

Pulling out at 7 am to start the two day trek to MacClenny FL.

Hard week in many ways, lots of emotions for us and for many team members as we push on and cry out for grace! He always always gives it in abundance and works despite our weaknesses because it His strength that is sufficient and powerful!

Red Oak TX 2020

Starting our spring semester traveling to FBC Red Oak TX. Please pray for us, it’s always a little hectic getting back in the routines and schedules at first for our whole team.

We have our RV parked by our house tonight so we can load it up and head out tomorrow morning. It’s all kind of like moving each half of the year as we start out. Good byes to our family are so hard but we are thankful for our calling and God always helps with His grace! Finishing year number 7 this spring!

Columbia LA

Before our first conference Gregg and I went a few days early to go down to New Orleans to see Jeremy and Brittany. Jeremy has begun working for NAMB send/relief and they are busy in ministry in their church start they attend as well.

FBC Columbia is in sleepy little town where many have lived here all their lives for generations. Our attendance grew in many areas throughout the week as others heard about the conference. We saw two people receive Christ and many others were refreshed and encouraged.

Our team is mostly new this year. 13 of the 20 were having to learn a lot of new things but they did this with enthusiasm and teachable hearts. They are a joy. People from this church were amazed at their Christlike behavior!

Thank you for your continued prayers. We have four day conferences the entire fall and all the way to February so this is a Marathon for us.

Grateful to serve

Patti and Gregg

New Port Richey

Goodbye to New Port Richey! Moving on to Stuart FL today. The beautiful warm weather and sunshine was a boost to our whole team. We saw glimmers of reviving work and were encouraged by these people here.

This tree though, it spoke to me all week as I looked and admired its beauty. It almost looks like it’s weary and ready to lay down on the ground. Yet it’s still growing and alive and beautiful as it’s resting. I’ve felt like that tree this week trusting God that it’s ok to be weary and to rest in Him and that I’ll never stop growing if I abide and rest in Him. This tree was so inviting to the team to sit on and climb on, able to reach its branches and sit in its shade. We are blessed.

Phenix City AL

We are leaving this small church of 150 people where God had a big impact. In some ways we feel like the staff here was so desperate to see God move that this meeting was their hope! Transparency and brokenness were evident in their prayer cards and constant gratitude and awe were shared with us. The picture with the lady in the white shirt was Mildred who was bent over with age and had to use a walker. Her daughter helped her to the front on the first Sunday and she insisted she wanted to kneel.

Schererville IN

We arrived here just before a winter storm that closed airports and schools in Chicago. Please pray for us as it’s much more difficult doing what we do in the winter weather and we are going to be in it for a month more at least.

Some of our team is getting sick with colds and maybe even flu so we are depending on God for strength. Pray for this church too Lake Hills Baptist.